I made a comparison table of multivitamin and mineral ingredients.

This is the first update in about two years, but I'm going to write about something completely unrelated to IT! The comparison table in the title is linked at the bottom, so if you just want to see the comparison table, click here to go there. The trigger was when I updated my highest weight in my life […]

The story of Logitech Flow being so amazing

I bought a new keyboard and mouse for the first time in several years. As the number of devices has increased, I bought a keyboard and mouse that can switch between three devices at the same time, mainly Mac, Windows, and a tablet. It supports both Bluetooth and USB receivers, so […]

The Courage to be Disliked

The courage to be disliked - The teachings of Adler, the source of self-development Posted with Yomereba Ichiro Kishimi, Fumitake Koga Diamond Inc. 2013-12-13 Table of Contents Night 1 Deny your trauma Why can "people change"? People feel anger […]

Easy to understand Adlerian psychology through manga

Easy to Understand Adlerian Psychology through Manga [Kindle Edition] posted with Yomereba Toshinori Iwai, Aki Fukamori Japan Management Association Management Center 2015-01-30 I heard it was a good introduction to Adlerian psychology, so I picked it up […]